Alaric K. Saltzman

  • February 4, 1986 (Age 24; Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)

  • Alive

  • University Student (Currently)
  • High School Teacher (Formerly)
  • European History Teacher (Formerly)
  • Experimental Psychologist (Currently)
  • Supernatural Hunter (Currently)


  • Male
Family Members

  • Charles Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Susannah Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Thomas Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Judith Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Ella Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Phillip Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Margaret Saltzman
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Henry Saltzman
    (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Mary Saltzman
    (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Walter Kramer
    (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Catherine Kramer
    (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Edward Saltzman
    (Biological Father)
  • Dianne Saltzman
    (Biological Mother)
  • Paul Saltzman
    (Younger Brother)
  • Meredith Sulez
  • Michael Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)
  • James Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)
  • Peter Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)
  • Valerie Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Aunt)
  • Daniel Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)
  • Elizabeth Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Aunt)
  • Drake Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)
  • Helen Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Aunt)
  • Grace Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Aunt)
  • Anthony Saltzman
    (Patriarchal 1st Uncle)


First Seen

Last Seen

  • Evensong: Paradise Lost
Physical Appearance

  • 6'0" to 6'2"

  • 180 to 190 lbs.
Hair Color

  • Dark Blond
Eye Color

  • Hazel

Alaric Saltzman (Full Birth Or Legal Name In American English: Alaric Kenneth Saltzman) is a male character, a minor character and a supporting character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was born on February 04th, 1986 to Edward "Ed" Saltzman and Dianne Saltzman (nee Kramer) in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. He is the fiance of Meredith Sulez and a former teacher at Robert E. Lee High School. He attended Duke University and he studies the supernatural.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alaric is said to be handsome with hazel eyes. He is in his early twenties, so his appearance is fairly young.


Alaric is a kind person, willing to help others. He is mostly very friendly, but is serious when the time calls for it. He is also very curious.

Throughout The SeriesEdit

"The Struggle"Edit

Alaric is hired by Robert E. Lee High School to be the new European History teacher after the death of Mr. Tanner (who was supposedly killed by Damon). He was mistaken as someone who had experience with the supernatural, since all he had done was research on the matter. In his first class, Alaric had the students seat themselves in a circle and talk about how the recent events had affected them and invited the class over to his house for further discussion. Bonnie was immediately taken with him, and always came to his defense it anyone said anything bad about him. He later hosted a party for his students at his house.

"The Fury"Edit

During the funeral of Elena, Alaric is witness to the attack dogs and thanks to some conjugated learned avoided the danger, but "Stefan, Damon, and Elena distrusted him. Alaric hypnotizes Caroline and Tyler, during the session, Tyler shows interest and has no effect on it. While Caroline reveals that Stefan is the attacker and the parents of Caroline, Tyler, Vickie and others want to take justice into their own hands and create a plan. Alaric made a party to try to lessen the sadness Elena's death. During the event, Meredith presents Alaric to Elena, Damon and Bonnie in the attic. Alaric tells all about his studies as a psychologist and professor of the supernatural, also said that Stefan is in danger and what Caroline said of his attacker. Elena and Damon is going where the Stefan together with Alaric, Meredith and Bonnie. Alaric says parents who were attacking Stefan is not sure what Caroline said, and we need more time. Alaric with Meredith and the others stand guard in the Snow Dance, when nothing happens, Alaric says need a premonition and Bonnie reluctantly does but in the end it leads them to the graves of Thomas and Honoria Fell. In the presence of Honoria Fell, they realize all the danger is in the same grave and that also goes to the dance. Alaric, Meredith, Bonnie and Matt head to the event to help local people.

"The Return: Nightfall"Edit

With all the troubles happening in Fell's Church, Meredith said she called Alaric who was abroad doing research. He agreed to come back to the town after he did more research on the activities. However he did not appear in the book.

"The Return: Midnight"Edit

Alaric makes a brief appearance in this book. He is researching for Meredith about the creatures attacking the town. Elena and Bonnie manage to give him a message during the time he's seen. They (Bonnie and Elena) are in an "out of body" experience caused by a deep longing for each other while separated. The same thing occurred with Stefan and Elena when he was inprisoned in the shi no shi (death of death) in the Deamon world.

"Evensong: Paradise Lost" Edit


"Evensong: War Of Roses" Edit


"Evensong: Into The Woods" Edit



  • Alaric's birthday is February 04.
  • Alaric's zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • In the novels, Alaric is between mid-twenties to late twenties, while in the TV Series, Alaric is middle-aged.

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