Baron Von Schwarzschild

  • Oct. 03rd, 1472


  • Deceased


  • Nobleman



  • Male

Family Members

  • Waldobert Leonhardt Schwartzschild
    (Biological Father)
  • Karoline Schwartzschild †
    (Biological Mother)
  • Adelhaid Schwartzschild †
    (First Wife)
  • Elizabeth Gilbert †
    (Second Wife)
  • Catharina "Katherine" Von Schwartzschild
    (Biological Daughter)
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Margaret Gilbert
  • Franz Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Grandfather)
  • Luise Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarcal Grandmother)
  • Leonhard Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Grandfather)
  • Margarete Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Grandmother)
  • Georg Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Johann Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Heinrich Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Ludwig Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Philipp Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Gertrude Schwartzschild † (Older/Elder Sister)
  • Karlotte Schwartzschild †(Older/Elder Sister)
  • Walther Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Clothilda Schwartzschild † (Older/Elder Sister)
  • Eleonore Schwartzschild † (Older/Elder Sister)
  • Elsabeth Schwartzschild † (Older/Elder Sister)
  • Archibald Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Bernhard Schwartzschild † (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Eduard Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Nikolaus Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Philipp Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Brother)
  • Viktoria Schwartzschild †
    (Older/Elder Sister)
  • Adalhaid Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Moritz Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Niklaus Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Dietricha Schwartzschild † (Younger Sister)
  • Gertraud Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Marten Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Rickert Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Franziska Schwartzschild † (Younger Sister)
  • Vergil Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Leutpald Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Wilhelmus Schwartzschild † (Younger Brother)
  • Markus Schwartzschild †
    (Younger Brother)
  • Jorg Schwartzschild †
    (Younger Brother)
  • Lenz Schwartzschild †
    (Younger Brother)
  • Ernsta Schwartzschild †
    (Younger Sister)
  • Ulfric Schwartzschild †
    (Younger Brother)
  • Vinzenz Schwartzschild †
    (Youngest Brother)
  • Eugen Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Emmerich Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Gotthard Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Catharina Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Aunt)
  • Otto Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Hermann Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Frieda Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Aunt)
  • Jürgen Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Uncle)
  • Stefania Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Aunt)
  • Katrin Schwartzschild †
    (Patriarchal Aunt)
  • Gustaf Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Leopold Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Erik Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Karl Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Johannes Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Freya Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Dietricha Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Elfriede Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Gisela Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Franziska Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Florenz Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Georg Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Godafrid Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Uncle)
  • Emeline Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Helma Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)
  • Charlotte Augustenburg †
    (Matriarchal Aunt)

Supernatural Information
Cause of Death

  • Unknown

Killed By

  • Unknown

First Seen

Last Seen

Physical Appearance

  • 5'5" to 5'7"
  • 1.65 m to 1.70 m

Hair Color

  • Blond

Eye Color

  • Blue

Baron Friedrich Von Schwarzschild (Full Name: Frederick Louis Karsten Edward Lawrence Von Schwarzschild; German Name: Baron Friedrich Ludwig Carsten Eduard Lorenz Von Schwarzschild) was the father of Katherine Von Schwarzschild. He was born October 3, 1472 in Berlin, Germany. Friedrich was the eighteenth child of thirty-five children born to Baron Waldobert Von Schwarzschild and Baroness Karoline Von Schwartzschild (nee Augustenburg). He was born into a very large and noble family. After taking his daughter to the Salvatore Boarding House in Italy so that she would regain her strength after enduring a terrible illness, he hoped that she would marry one of the Salvatore Brothers. He was very distraught over the illness of his daughter, so to make her feel better, he took her to Florence, Italy.

Friedrich and Giuseppe were close allies and friends, and Giuseppe's kindness is shown when he cares for Katherine as his esteemed guest during the Baron's absence due to his position in the European nobility. In the meantime, Stefan and Katherine fell in love and spent every single day together. Eventually, both men looked into the possibility of arranging a marriage between Stefan and Katherine. But the unexpected return of Damon, Stefan's older brother, caused some behavioural problems and issues in Giuseppe. Katherine decides to fake her death and solve the problems between the brothers, but in the end, the opposite happens, and kill each other. Baron is not mentioned in the following books, but he knew of the "death" of his daughter by her former servant.

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Television SeriesEdit

Unlike in the books, Katherine's father was born in Bulgaria and lived with his family and servants during his last days. Mr. Petrov was more rigid, cruel and cold with Katherine, because she had a child out of wedlock. For this reason, Mr. Petrov was the first to exile his own daughter from both her home and the country. This action caused the death of the Petrova Family, one year later.