Caroline Forbes

  • Oct. 29th, 1996 (18)


  • Alive

  • High School Student (Graduated)
  • Member of the "Fells Church Gang" (Currently)
  • College Student (Currently)


  • Female (♀)
Family Members

  • William "Bill" Forbes
    (Biological Father)
  • Elizabeth Forbes
    (Biological Mother)
  • Daniel Forbes
    (Biological Younger Brother)
  • Tyler Smallwood
    (Sire, Imprinter)
  • Unborn Twins
    (Unborn Children With Tyler Smallwood)
  • Benjamin Forbes † (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Louise Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Abraham Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Benjamin Forbes, Jr. †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Alastair Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Alan Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Bartholomew Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Richard Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Bartholomew Forbes, Jr.†
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Anthony Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Walter Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Bernard Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Charles Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Bernard Forbes, Jr. †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Lois Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Thomas Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Clementine Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Ruth Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Ralph Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Mary Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Edith Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Isabelle Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Dorothy Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Bridgette Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Edmund Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Keaton Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Oliver Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Neville Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Malcolm Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Robert Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Marilyn Forbes †
    (Patriarchal Ancestor)
  • Julianna Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Emeryk Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Friderich Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Dawid Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Andrzej Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Benedykt Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Pawel Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Angelika Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Zuzanna Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Wincenty Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • Stefania Sokolofsky †
    (Matriarchal Ancestor)
  • George Forbes †
    (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Helena Forbes †
    (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Hendrych Sokolofsky†
    (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Franciszka Sokolofsky †
    (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Hugh Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Geraldine Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Prudence Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Phillippa Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Homer Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Irving Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Jeremiah Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Valerie Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Peter "Pete" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Jackson "Jack" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Diane Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Melvin "Mel" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Sharon "Sherri" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • James "Jimmy" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Bethany "Beth" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Aunt)
  • Neilson "Neil" Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Uncle)
  • Aleksander Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Uncle)
  • Gabryjel Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Uncle)
  • Jozefa Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Katarzyna Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Oliwia Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Maksym Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Uncle)
  • Joasia Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Izabella Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Gracja Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Aunt)
  • Jakub Sokolofsky
    (Matriarchal First Uncle)
  • Brittany Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Julia Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Brian Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Jerome Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Jesse Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Samantha Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Marcus Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Christina Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Felicia Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Peyton Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)
  • Matthew Forbes
    (Patriarchal First Cousin)

First Seen

Last Seen

  • Evensong: War Of Roses
Physical Appearance

  • Between 6'2" to 6'5"
  • 1.88 M to 1.96 M

  • 140 lbs. to 150 lbs.
  • 64 kg to 68 kg
Hair Color

  • Auburn Red
Eye Color

  • Cat Green

Caroline Forbes (Birth or Legal Name: Caroline Alexandra Forbes) is a supporting character and former antagonist of The Vampire Diaries. She was born October 29, 1996, in Fells Church, Virginia, USA. Caroline is the oldest child of William "Bill" Forbes and Elżbieta "Liz" Forbes (née Sokolofsky). She is of Irish descent on her father's side and Polish descent on her mother's side. Caroline is the older sister of Daniel Forbes, the former childhood best friend turned rival-enemy of Elena Gilbert, the imprinted and soulmate of Tyler Smallwood, the former childhood friend of Bonnie McCullough, Meredith Sulez and Matt Honeycutt, the former fling of Stefan Salvatore, and the mother of two unborn twins with Tyler Smallwood. Caroline and Elena used to be the closest of friends growing up since kindergarten, but the two girls became intense rivals and each other's competition in terms of popularity, boys and social status at their high school. She is in frequent competition with Elena for the title of "Queen of Robert E. Lee High."

Caroline has shown that she is threatened by and extremely jealous and envious of Elena's popularity and beauty. Caroline was very jealous, resentful, envious and angered that Stefan, the new, mysterious and extremely handsome new foreign student at Robert E. Lee High, whom every girl in all of the high school tried to gain the attention of, chose Elena over her. Because of Stefan's rejection of her, Caroline had plotted to get revenge alongside Tyler, by stealing Elena's personal diary to help to expose Elena's thoughts and secrets at the Founder's Day parade. But her plot with Tyler had backfired on her and she ended up humiliated in the end. Stefan first dated Caroline while attending the Homecoming Dance, while he was trying to stay away from Elena due to his intense connection to her. Later on in the series, Caroline became pregnant by Tyler (who is a werewolf). She blamed Matt for forcing himself on her and claiming that Matt was the father instead of Tyler. However, she truthfully admits to Bonnie and Meredith that the real father of her unborn children is indeed Tyler. She is carrying twin children.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Physically, Caroline is described as being attractive in a modelesque way. She is tall, slim and curvaceous, with a beautiful body and perfect bronze skin. Because of this, she is often referred to as looking like a Vogue model. Caroline is very tall and easily towers over the other girls, standing between 6'2" to 6'5". Caroline has long, luxuriously thick, wavy auburn-red hair that is glossy and silky in texture. Her eyes are described as being very "cat-like", as they are slightly slanted and bright green in color with thick, long eyelashes. Caroline uses bronzer or tan from a bottle to get a bronze complexion, and she often wears very stylish and trendy clothing. She sometimes wears seductive and skimpy clothing to show off her curvaceous figure and her bronze complexion. Caroline thinks a lot about her physical appearance and is very high maintenance, vain, selfish, and self-centered. She has shown that she is extremely competitive, envious and jealous of Elena's popularity and beauty.

Personality Description Edit


Throughout the Series Edit

The Awakening Edit

Caroline was one of the people to greet Elena who had returned from France. She, like everyone else, was drawn to Stefan when he first arrived at the school. She saw Elena give interest and reminded her she already had Matt. Caroline expressed interest in Stefan and cut her friendship off with Elena, stating that Elena had been the queen too long. Secretly, she started hanging out with Stefan, noticing that he never ate and told him she didn't either because of a diet. She had a laugh whenever Elena made a fool of herself in front of everyone because of Stefan. She went with Stefan to the Homecoming Dance, but he abandoned her to rescue Elena from Tyler Smallwood. Caroline was angered that Stefan chose Elena over her and plotted to get revenge and humiliate Elena. While Elena was at Bonnie's house with Meredith, Caroline stole Elena's diary or journal.

The Struggle Edit

Elena and the other girls set out to find the diary thief. Despite Elena’s initial inclination to blame Damon, they identify Caroline Forbes as the culprit. Elena follows Caroline at lunch into a deserted schoolroom where she overhears Caroline and Tyler Smallwood discuss how to use the diary against Stefan and Elena. Their plan is to wait until Elena is chosen to play “The Spirit of Fell’s Church” during the annual Founder’s Day ceremony. Caroline will also be chosen to play a role. At that time, she will walk on stage and read Elena’s diary aloud to the crowd. Caroline and Tyler believe that Elena’s statement in her diary that Stefan took her ribbon from the cemetery on the day the homeless man was attacked will suffice to prove to the police that Stefan is the murderer. Elena, Meredith, and Bonnie decide to burgle Caroline’s house to retrieve the diary before she can use it on Founder’s Day. When Caroline and her family return home, they are forced to flee without having found anything more than Caroline’s diary. The latest plan is that Elena’s friends will steal the diary back from Caroline because she will not be able to carry it in her nineteenth-century costume, but Caroline foils them by obtaining her reticule early and bringing the diary with her. When Caroline pulls out the diary to read onstage, though, she finds she brought her own diary and not Elena’s. Elena spots Damon in the audience and realizes that he has saved her and Stefan by substituting the diaries.

The Fury Edit

Caroline was in shock after witnessing Stefan's attack on Tyler and his friends. Stefan wiped her memory of the event, but she remained shaken. Her father had Alaric Saltzman, the new European History teacher who was really an experimental psychologist, hypnotize her to try and help her remember what had really happened. Caroline went as far as to remember something about Stefan, causing her father, Tyler and Vickie's father, as well as the fathers of the other victims to suspect what Stefan had done. They had Caroline contact Stefan and have her meet them at Robert E. Lee High School, but it was a trap. Stefan was already weak when they attacked but he was rescued by Damon (in wolf form), Elena (in the shadows), Meredith, Bonnie, and Alaric. Alaric convinced the others to back off and asked Caroline if it really had been Stefan. Caroline wasn't too sure but admitted that it could have been Damon Smith, a guy who looked very similar to Stefan (in other words, Caroline thought it was Stefan's brother, Damon).

Dark Reunion Edit

Caroline insists on throwing Meredith a birthday party against Bonnie's better judgment and invites Sue Carson and Vickie Bennett over to her room. Once Bonnie brought up her dream about Elena, the group decided to contact her using an Ouija board. Elena gave them a warning that danger was in the house and that they had to escape just as the power went out. The girls panicked. Caroline had to lead the way out of the house but got separated. She managed to get outside but was too frightened to go back inside. While outside, Sue was killed and Vickie was blamed. Caroline was frightened by the experience and left town with her parents for safety. Her friends didn't think this would help. Over time, Caroline was kidnapped by Tyler Smallwood, her ex-boyfriend and werewolf, and Klaus, an Original vampire. Klaus sent her scarf to Stefan to let him know the circumstances and Stefan went to face him alone, leaving Matt, Meredith, and Bonnie behind, but they were too stubborn to listen to him. They followed Stefan to the old abandoned Francher's Farm. Caroline was bound and gagged. While Stefan battled with Klaus and Matt fought with Tyler, Meredith went to rescue Caroline. After Klaus's defeat with the help of the Spirits of the Civil War, Elena was given a second chance at life. Caroline stripped off her dress to give to a newly reborn Elena and celebrated with the others that she had returned.

The Return: Nightfall Edit

Damon watches outside Caroline's window as Caroline talks to an independent image of herself. Damon believes the mirror-Caroline to be a supernatural evil force that is playing some sort of trick on Caroline. He feels a sharp puncture on his neck while he watches, which surprises him because mosquitoes do not bite vampires. After the mirror-Caroline goes away, Damon persuades Caroline to let him into her bedroom. He is about to bite her when he realizes that he is being influenced to do so by something, probably the supernatural evil force creating the mirror-Caroline. He rejects it and leaves. Elena does not recognize any of her friends. She kisses Caroline, who is upset by Elena's apparent lesbianism. Meredith explains that Elena is behaving like a prairie dog, as prairie dogs kiss one another when they meet to recognize one another. Caroline rejects this explanation. Bonnie thinks Elena is pure and therefore cannot be a pervert the way Caroline thinks. Elena kisses Meredith and Bonnie. Caroline, who is increasingly upset, says Stefan likes to watch girls kissing. Stefan uses his Powers to eject Caroline from the room. The others say negative things about Caroline, who overhears and re-enters. Caroline starts to use Black Magic to attack the others, but Elena drives back the darkness with her White Power. She develops wings that glow, but then they disappear. Caroline leaves, and Elena kisses Matt while Bonnie and Meredith distract Stefan so that he will not have to watch his fiancé kiss another man. Meredith and Bonnie set out to visit Caroline to see if she is Malach-infested. Caroline is scuttling on the ceiling of her living room like a lizard, and she runs under the bed in her mother's room. When Caroline's mother faints, Meredith and Bonnie carry her to her bedroom and deposit her on the bed. The possessed Caroline, or some other force grabs their ankles. Bonnie calls Damon to help. Damon arrives, frees Bonnie and Meredith, kisses Bonnie, and leaves. Caroline is also present, as one of the helpers of Shinichi and Misao. Caroline says she is pregnant and needs a husband. The next day, Caroline informs her family and the sheriff that she is pregnant and Matt is responsible. A judge related to Caroline's family signs an order for Matt's arrest.

The Return: Shadow Souls Edit

Meredith and Bonnie visited Caroline at her house. Caroline's room was dark because she refused any light there, and Caroline's behavior was peculiar. Whenever she got a temper, her voice sounded like a growl, and she avoided touching or going near the others. Meredith tries to convince Caroline to stop lying about who the real father of her children was because they all knew it was Tyler Smallwood, not Matt Honeycutt. Caroline refused to budge from her lie. As Meredith and Bonnie left, Bonnie told Meredith that when she entered the room, Caroline had grabbed her arm, but her fingernails felt like claws. Meredith tried to visit her again with Bonnie waiting outside. She walked in on Caroline eating what turned out to be worms and slugs. It was disgusting as she offered Meredith some and somehow, Meredith's mouth was filled with the "food." Meredith vomited as Caroline laughed and fled the house with Bonnie, who too had been affected, forcing Meredith to perform CPR on her.

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Evensong: Paradise Lost Edit


Evensong: The War Of Roses (Part 1) Edit


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Evensong: Into The Woods Edit


Powers Edit

Because of Misao, Caroline is possessed by Malach, giving her supernatural and demonic powers. Caroline's main purpose is to spread the Malach into the other young women and girls in Fells Church. She also scuttles across the ceiling like a lizard and is extremely strong. Since becoming pregnant with the children of a werewolf. Caroline is now a mix between werewolf and Malach. It is shown that if a woman has a child of a werewolf, she turns into a werewolf as well. Caroline's fingernails have turned into claws.

  • WEREWOLF PHYSIOLOGY (AKA Lycan; Lycanthrope Physiology; Lycanthropy; Lycanthropy Mimicry/Transformation; Werewolf Mimicry/Transformation; Wolfman Mimicry/Physiology): The ability to use the abilities of a werewolf. User with this ability is a werewolf with the ability to transform into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse and/or lycanthropic affliction via a bite or scratch from a werewolf, or some other means. This transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon. The user gains the traits of werewolves, most obvious being ability to change into a wolf with the natural characteristics inherent to both wolves and humans, including senses, stamina , etc. In addition werewolves are often attributed strength and speed far beyond those of wolves or men and may have them in lesser amount even untransformed form. Other than this, details vary considerably: some are limited to single form which ranges from completely animal to man-wolf (humanoid with fur, claws and fangs); some can shift between human, wolf-man (humanoid wolf) and pure wolf; while others are able to choose to what extend they want to change and what parts. Their wolf-form may be completely natural wolf in form, something resembling Dire Wolf or even something directly from the darkest dredges of human fear for wolves. Although some wolfen instinct is likely influence werewolf in transformed state, this varies from completely animal mind to perfectly aware human, even to the stereotypical monster lusting for blood. Although it is very commonly linked to werewolves, they aren't all vulnerable to silver or other traditional weaknesses. For some these are no more or less harmful than any other metal or substance, some are essentially un-killable for anything else.
  • WOLF PHYSIOLOGY (AKA Canid Mimicry/Physiology; Canidae Mimicry/Physiology; or Canine Mimicry): The power to use the abilities of canines. User with this ability either is or can mimic/transform into canines, including wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and domestic dogs.
  • ENHANCED STRENGTH (AKA Hyper Strength; Increased Strength; Super Strength; Superior Strength; Superhuman Strength; Supernatural Strength; or Titanic Strength): The power to exert great strength from their muscles. Users have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the member of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. Users can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.
  • ENHANCED CONDITION (AKA Peak Condition; Physical Prime; or Prime Condition): The power to remain in the peak physical and/or mental condition of user's species with little or no maintaining. The user is at the peak physical and mental condition of their species in that verse can achieve without any supernatural methods and remain that way with little or no maintaining. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to fellow members of their species without being obviously supernatural.
  • ENHANCED SPEED (AKA High Speed or Super Speed): The ability to move at extraordinary physical speed. Users can move much faster than the average member of their species, some near or at the speed of sound, or even faster. However, this power is not without any ill effects, as it can strain the body, although some users may be resistant or even immune to the effects of high speed travel, including friction, g-force, inertia, etc.
  • ENHANCED SENSES (AKA Advanced Senses; Increased Perceptions; Heightened Senses; Hyper Senses; Super Senses; and Strengthened Senses): The power to possess extremely accurate senses. The user has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and/or feel more than an average member of their species.
  • ENHANCED HEARING (AKA Hyperacusia; Sharp Ears; or Sensitive/Super/Superhuman Hearing): The ability or power to hear with amazing clarity. Users have ears enhanced to hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even frequencies outside normal range. Users ears can pick up every single sound, can decipher layer upon layer of differing sounds/conversations, locate the source of noise or pick up a sound from a mile away in a busy city.
  • ENHANCED SMELL (AKA Enhanced Olfaction; Hyperosmia; Super Smell; or Superhuman Sense of Smell): The ability or power of enhanced sense of smell. Users can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track with nothing but their nose. Some may even be able to detect lying, sicknesses or tumors by which hormones/smells they excrete.
  • ENHANCED SIGHT (AKA Enhanced Vision; Super Sight/Vision; Superhuman Eyesight/Sight/Vision; or Supernatural Eyesight/Sight/Vision): The ability or power of enhanced eyesight or vision. Users have eyes enhanced to see with amazing clarity/detail, distance, or color, perhaps even in a different spectrum of light or into another dimension.
  • NIGHT VISION (AKA Darkness Optics or Nocturnal Vision): The power or ability to see clearly in darkness. User has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range.
  • ENHANCED STAMINA (AKA Superhuman Stamina): The power to function for long periods of time without tiring or straining oneself. The user's body is highly resistant to the build-up of fatigue toxins in their blood, allowing them to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than the average member of the user's species.
  • ENHANCED REFLEXES (AKA Enhanced Maneuverability; Super Reflexes; Superhuman Reflexes; or Heightened Reflexes): The powers to have drastically enhanced reaction speed. User has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY (AKA Damage Resistance; Delayed Capitulation; Enhanced Resistance; High Resistance; Super Durability; or Super Resistance): The power to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults. The user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.
  • ENHANCED AGILITY: The ability to possess agility beyond that of a normal member of the user's species. User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort. Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.
  • ENHANCED JUMP (AKA Enhanced Jumping/Leap; Mega Jump; Power Jump/Leap; Super Jump/Leap; or Superhuman Jump/Jumping/Leap): The power to achieve great rocket-like jumps, while having hassle-free landings. Users can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. Usually comes with strong legs. 
  • ENHANCED BITE (AKA Enhanced Jaw Strength; Hyper Bite; Hyper Chewing; Hyper Jaw; or Super Bite): The power to have an incredibly powerful bite. The user has particularly strong bite, either because of sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles, unusual jaw-structure (mandibles of insects, beak, etc.) or some other reason. Exactly what they can bite depends of the jaw-strength, resilience of their teeth/bite-surface and their shape.
  • CONTAMINANT IMMUNITY (AKA Advanced Immune System; Asepsis; Enhanced Immune System; Immunocompetent; or Immunity): The power to neutralize all existing detrimental contaminants in one’s body. The user is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • POISON IMMUNITY (AKA Mithridatism): The power to be immune to all forms of poisons. The user is immune to all forms of poisons/toxins/venom.
  • INVULNERABILITY (AKA Impenetrable Skin/Impervious Skin; Imperviousness; Indestructibility; Invincibility; or Unharmable): The power to be immune to all forms of physical damage. The user is immune to all forms of conventional physical damage, unable to feel physical pain, is immune to bleeding or loss of limb. Death due to old age (as opposed to preemptive death) is seemingly the only cause of death to the user.
  • REGENERATIVE HEALING FACTOR (AKA Healing Factor): The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury. The user can rapidly regenerate, in other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely (see Levels of Regeneration), some can regrow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. They are generally in very good physical shape as their bodies are constantly reverting to healthy state.
  • LYCANTHROPIC INFECTION (AKA Lycanthropic Bite; Lycanthropy Inducement; or Werewolf Infection/Inducement): The power to transform others into werewolves through infection. The user can turn others into werewolves. This can be done by several methods, via a curse, claw but traditionally through a bite.
  • CLAW RETRACTION (AKA Claw Projection/Protrusion; Claws/Talons; Retractable Claws; Sharp Claws/Talons; or Talon Retraction): The power to extend and retract sharp claws. The user can project and retract razor-sharp claws from their fingertips for offensive purposes. Claws can be composed of energy, bone, metal, or simple keratin.
  • LUNAR EMPOWERMENT (AKA Lunary Affinity; Luna Photosynthesis; Lunar Photosynthesis; or Moon Affinity/Empowerment): The power to gain strength from moon. User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come into contact with moon, moonlight or lunar energy/substance, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the moon or even slow or stop aging.
  • LUNAR MIND (AKA Lunacy): The ability or power to revert to a feral mind while under the moon. The user can employ the forces of the moon to revert the mind into a primal state prone to violence and survival instinct.
  • SHAPESHIFTING (AKA Biological Alteration, Changing, Copying, Metamorphing, Metamorphosis, Morphing, Morphological Being, Nano-Morphing, Omni-Mimicry, Polymorphing, Shape Changing, or Transformation): The power to transform and reshape the form of one's body. Users are often called shape-shifters or simply shifters. The user can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body for combat, either by turning into animals, monsters or make the body stronger. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ADAPTATION (AKA Area Affinity or Ecological Adaptation): The power to survive and adapt to an environment. User is able to survive and adapt to any natural environment, being able to tolerate wide range of temperatures and levels of moisture, any amount/quality of sustenance, breathable medium, etc. with little or no discomfort.
    • ARCTIC ADAPTATION (AKA Cold Adaptation, Subzero Adaptation or Tundra Adaptation): The ability or power to survive cold environments or temperatures. User is able to survive and adapt to conditions where the climate consists of cold weather, as they possess adjusted breathing capacity, as well as high tolerance (even immunity) to the cold. This ability may also imply the presence of fur, claws, thick skin, blubber and/or sight adapted to see with more ease in snowstorms and protected from snow-blindness.
    • FOREST ADAPTATION (AKA Jungle Adaptation or Woodland Adaptation): The ability or power to adapt to forest conditions. User is able to survive and adapt to all kinds of forests, including jungles. This generally includes exceptional senses (especially hearing/smell) as the forests offer plenty of cover/hiding places for both predator and prey, ability to move in dense growth, both by being able to squeeze through tight places and tight corners often at speed and great deal of stealth.
    • MOUNTAIN ADAPTATION (AKA Montane Adaptation): The ability or power to adapt to high Mountain Environments. User is able to survive and adapt to mountain environments where the air is thin, as they possess adjusted breathing capacity, high air-pressure tolerance, a high cold tolerance and an immunity to the effects of vertigo or similar disorientation as well as the ability to move on the mountains without artificial help.
  • FERAL MIND (AKA Animalistic Rage; Berserk Mode; Berserker; Berserker Fury/Rage; Ire State, Primary Fury, Rage Mind, Unstoppable Rage, Wild Mind): The ability or power to tap into a feral state of mind. User is able to tap into primal, unstoppable rage that allows them to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that they wouldn't in their normal state. In some cases, the user's mind descends so far into the feral rage that, mentally, they are little more than animals.
  • FUR GENERATION (AKA Fur Production): The ability or power to have hair like substance over the entire body. The users has or can generate fur over the entire body, giving resistance to temperature, or even physical damage.
  • ANIMAL COMMUNICATION (AKA Animal Telepathy or Zoopathy): The power to read the minds and communicate with animals. The user can telepathically read the minds of animals and communicate with them, they are also able to control the minds of animals to do their bidding.
  • ANIMAL EMPATHY (AKA Animal Friendship, Faunal Empathy, Zoological Empathy, Zoopathy): The ability or power to empathize with animals. The user can sense and/or understand the emotions of animals and vice versa.
  • PREDATOR INSTINCT: The power to possess instincts akin to that of a predatory creature. The user possesses predatory instincts, allowing them to become masters of hunting and tracking. One with this ability can discern numerous factors of a situation that make them a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where they are headed (if the user is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into one’s hands in combat/pursuit.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION: The power to maintain a certain body temperature for extended periods of time. The user can maintain different levels of their own body temperature for extended periods of time, if not, indefinitely. Some users may even be able to manipulate their own body temperatures at will.

Weaknesses Edit


Names Edit

CAROLINE (First Name) Edit

  • Caroline is a feminine first name of French and German origins. The meaning of Caroline is "Little and Strong" or "Strong".
  • Other variations of Caroline include Carlyn, Carolina, Carolyn, Karolyn (English), Carolin, Karolina, Karoline (German), Carolina, Karolina (Swedish), Karolina, Karoline (Norwegian), Karolina, Karoline (Danish), Carolien (Dutch), Line (French), Callie, Cari, Carol, Carrie, Carry, Caryl, Kallie, Karrie, Calleigh (English), Line (Norwegian), Line (Danish), Charlize (Afrikaans), Carolina (Ancient Germanic), Carla (Catalan), Karla, Karolina, Lina (Croatian), Karolína, Kája (Czech), Karoliina, Iina, Liina (Finnish), Karola, Karolina, Lili (Hungarian), Carla, Carola, Carolina, Lina (Italian), Karolina, Lina (Lithuanian), Karolina (Macedonian), Karolina (Polish), Carla, Carolina (Portuguese), Karolina (Slovene), Carla, Carolina (Spanish), Karla, Karolina, Lina (Croatian), Karolína, Kája (Czech), Caroline, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Charlotte, Ina, Lina, Line (Danish), Carla, Carola, Carolien, Caroline, Charlotte, Lien (Dutch), Karoliina, Iina, Liina (Finnish), Carole, Caroline, Charline, Charlotte, Line (French), Carla, Carola, Carolin, Caroline, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Charlotte, Ina, Karola (German), Karola, Karolina, Lili (Hungarian), Séarlait (Irish), Karolina, Lina (Lithuanian), Karolina (Macedonian), Caroline, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Charlotte, Ina, Lina, Line (Norwegian), Karolina (Polish), Karolina (Slovene), Carolina, Carolus, Karl (Ancient Germanic), Carla, Carles, Carlos (Catalan), Karla, Karlo, Karolina, Lina (Croatian), Karel, Karolína, Kája (Czech), Carl, Caroline, Karl, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Ina, Lina, Line (Danish), Carla, Carola, Carolien, Caroline, Karel, Lien (Dutch), Kaarle, Kaarlo, Karl, Karoliina, Iina, Kalle, Liina (Finnish), Carole, Caroline, Charles, Charlot, Line (French), Carl, Carla, Carola, Carolin, Caroline, Karl, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Ina (German), Kale (Hawaiian), Karola, Karolina, Károly, Karcsi, Lili (Hungarian), Séarlas (Irish), Carla, Carlo, Carola, Carolina, Lina (Italian), Sjarel (Limburgish), Karolina, Karolis, Lina (Lithuanian), Karolina (Macedonian), Carl, Caroline, Karl, Karla, Karolina, Karoline, Ina, Lina, Line (Norwegian), Karol, Karolina (Polish), Carla, Carlos, Carolina, Carlinhos, Carlito, Carlitos (Portuguese), Carol (Romanian), Karol (Slovak), Karel, Karolina, Karol (Slovene), Carla, Carlos, Carolina, Carlito, Carlitos (Spanish), Carl, Carola, Carolina, Caroline, Karl, Karla, Karolina, Ina, Kalle, Lina (Swedish), Siarl (Welsh), Lottie, Tottie, Totty (English), Lotte (German), Lotta, Lotte, Lottie (Swedish), Lotte (Norwegian), Lotte (Danish), Lotte (Dutch).

ALEXANDRA (Middle Name) Edit

  • Alexandra is a feminine first name of Greek origin. It is the feminine version of Alexander. The meaning of the name is "Helper Of Mankind" or "Defender Of Mankind".
  • Other variations of Alexandra include Alexandrine (German), Alexandrine, Alexandrie (French), Alexandrea, Alexandria, Alexandrina (English), Alexandrina (Portuguese), Alejandra (Spanish), Aleksandra (Russian), Sassa (Swedish), Alex, Xandra (Dutch), Alex, Alexa, Ali, Allie, Ally, Lexa, Lexi, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Sandy, Zandra, Alexina, Alyx, Sandie (English), Sanda (Romanian), Szandra (Hungarian), Ale (Spanish), Aleksandrina, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Aleksandra, Aleksandrina (Bulgarian), Aleksandra, Sanda, Sandra, Saša (Croatian), Aleksandra (Estonian), Sandra (Finnish), Alastríona (Irish), Alessandra, Alessa, Sandra (Italian), Sandra (Latvian), Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka (Macedonian), Aleksandra, Ola (Polish), Saundra (Scottish), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Serbian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Slovene), Oleksandra, Lesya (Ukrainian), Alejandra, Aleksandra, Alessandra, Alexandrine, Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Cassandra, Kassandra, Lexi, Lexie, Lexa, Alessia, Alessiya, Alesiya, Olesia, Olesiya, Olessiya, Sandra, Sandrna, Sandrine, Sally, Sandy, Sendy, Shandy, Sasha, Shura, Xandra, Ksandra, Alastríona (Irish), Alejandra (Spanish), Alejandrina (Spanish), Aleka (Greek), Aleksandra (Latvian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Albanian), Alessia (Italian), Alessandra (Italian), Alex (English), Alexa (English, Romanian), Alexandra (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish), Alexandrea (English), Alexandria (English), Alexandrie (French), Alexandrina (English, Portuguese), Alexandrine (French, German), Alexi (Various Languages), Alexsandra (English), Aliaksandra (Belarusian), Alissandra (Sicilian), Allie (English), Ally (English), Alondra (Spanish), Lekszi (Hungarian), Leska (Czech), Lesya (Russian, Ukrainian), Lexa (English), Lexi (English), Lexie (English), Lexine (English), Lexy (English), Ola (Polish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Oleńka (Polish), Olka (Polish), Olunia (Polish), Olusia (Polish), Sacha (French), Sanda (Romanian), Sandie (English), Sandra (Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovene, Swedish, Polish), Sandrina (Italian), Sandrine (French), Sandy (English), Szendi (Hungarian) (Hungarian version of English "Sandy"), Saša (Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Saška (Serbian), Saskia (Dutch), Sascha (German), Sasha (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian), Saundra (English, Scottish), Shura (Russian), Sondra (English), Szandra (Hungarian), Xandra (Dutch, English), Zandra (English), Alexandra, Aleksandra, Aleksandrina (Bulgarian), Aleksandra, Sanda, Sandra, Saša (Croatian), Aleksandra (Estonian), Sandra (Finnish), Alastríona (Irish), Alessandra, Alessa, Sandra (Italian), Sandra (Latvian), Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka (Macedonian), Aleksandra, Ola (Polish), Saundra (Scottish), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Serbian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Slovene), Oleksandra, Lesya (Ukrainian), Alexandrine (German), Alexandrine, Alexandrie (French), Alexandrea, Alexandria, Alexandrina (English), Alexandrina (Portuguese), Alejandra (Spanish), Aleksandra (Russian), Sassa (Swedish), Alex, Xandra (Dutch), Alex, Alexa, Ali, Allie, Ally, Lexa, Lexi, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Sandy, Zandra, Alexina, Alyx, Sandie (English), Sanda (Romanian), Szandra (Hungarian), Ale (Spanish), Aleksandrina, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Alexandrine (German), Alexandrine, Alexandrie (French), Alexandrea, Alexandria, Alexandrina (English), Alexandrina (Portuguese), Alejandra (Spanish), Aleksandra (Russian), Sassa (Swedish), Alex, Xandra (Dutch), Alex, Alexa, Ali, Allie, Ally, Lexa, Lexi, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Sandy, Zandra, Alexina, Alyx, Sandie (English), Sanda (Romanian), Szandra (Hungarian), Ale (Spanish), Aleksandrina, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Aleksandra, Aleksandrina (Bulgarian), Aleksandra, Sanda, Sandra, Saša (Croatian), Aleksandra (Estonian), Sandra (Finnish), Alastríona (Irish), Alessandra, Alessa, Sandra (Italian), Sandra (Latvian), Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka (Macedonian), Aleksandra, Ola (Polish), Saundra (Scottish), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Serbian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Slovene), Oleksandra, Lesya (Ukrainian), Alejandra, Aleksandra, Alessandra, Alexandrine, Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Cassandra, Kassandra, Lexi, Lexie, Lexa, Alessia, Alessiya, Alesiya, Olesia, Olesiya, Olessiya, Sandra, Sandrna, Sandrine, Sally, Sandy, Sendy, Shandy, Sasha, Shura, Xandra, Ksandra, Alastríona (Irish), Alejandra (Spanish), Alejandrina (Spanish), Aleka (Greek), Aleksandra (Latvian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Albanian), Alessia (Italian), Alessandra (Italian), Alex (English), Alexa (English, Romanian), Alexandra (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish), Alexandrea (English), Alexandria (English), Alexandrie (French), Alexandrina (English, Portuguese), Alexandrine (French, German), Alexi (Various Languages), Alexsandra (English), Aliaksandra (Belarusian), Alissandra (Sicilian), Allie (English), Ally (English), Alondra (Spanish), Lekszi (Hungarian), Leska (Czech), Lesya (Russian, Ukrainian), Lexa (English), Lexi (English), Lexie (English), Lexine (English), Lexy (English), Ola (Polish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Oleńka (Polish), Olka (Polish), Olunia (Polish), Olusia (Polish), Sacha (French), Sanda (Romanian), Sandie (English), Sandra (Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovene, Swedish, Polish), Sandrina (Italian), Sandrine (French), Sandy (English), Szendi (Hungarian) (Hungarian version of English "Sandy"), Saša (Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Saška (Serbian), Saskia (Dutch), Sascha (German), Sasha (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian), Saundra (English, Scottish), Shura (Russian), Sondra (English), Szandra (Hungarian), Xandra (Dutch, English), Zandra (English), 亚历山德拉 (Yà lì shān dé lā) (Chinese Simplified), 亞歷山德拉 (Yà lì shān dé lā) (Chinese Traditional), Αλεξάνδρα ( Alexándra (Greek), એલેક્ઝાન્ડ્રા (Ēlēkjhānḍrā) (Gujarati), אלכסנדרה (Hebrew), एलेक्जेंड्रा (Elekjendra) (Hindi), アレクサンドラ (Arekusandora) (Japanese), ಅಲೆಕ್ಸಾಂಡ್ರಾ (Aleksāṇḍrā) (Kannada), Александра (Aleksandra) (Kazakh), 알렉산드라 (Allegsandeula) (Korean), Александра (Aleksandra) (Macedonian), അലക്സാണ്ട്ര (Alaksāṇṭra) (Malayalam), अलेक्झांड्रा ( Alēkjhāṇḍrā) (Marathi), الکساندرا (Persian), Александра (Aleksandra) (Russian), Aлекандра (Alekandra) (Serbian), Александра (Aleksandra) (Tajik), அலெக்ஸாண்ட்ரா ( Aleksāṇṭrā) (Tamil), అలెగ్జాండ్రా ( Alegjāṇḍrā) (Telugu), อเล็กซาน (X lĕk sān) (Thai), Олександра (Oleksandra) (Ukrainian), الیگزینڈرا (Urdu), אַלעקסאַנדראַ (Yiddish), Aleja (Spanish), Alesia (Albanian), Alessia (Italian), Alexa (English), Alexia (English), (Galician), (German), (Greek), (Spanish), (French), Aléxia (Portuguese), Alexina (English), Alexis (English), Lexa (English), Lexia (English), Lexi (English), Lexie (English), Lexis (English), Lexus (English), Lexy (English), Олекса (Oleksa) (Ukrainian).
  • The masculine forms of Alexandra include Alexander, Aleksander (Norwegian), Aleksander (Danish), Alexandros (Ancient Greek), Alexandros (Greek Mythology), Aleksander, Skender (Albanian), Iskandar (Arabic), Aleksandr (Armenian), Alesander (Basque), Alexandros (Biblical Greek), Aleksandar, Sasho (Bulgarian), Alexandre, Àlex (Catalan), Aleksandar, Sandi, Saša (Croatian), Alexandr, Aleš (Czech), Aleksandro, Aleĉjo (Esperanto), Aleksander (Estonian), Aleksanteri, Ale, Samppa, Santeri, Santtu (Finnish), Alexandre, Alex, Sacha (French), Alexandre (Galician), Aleksandre, Sandro (Georgian), Alexandros (Greek), Iskandar (Indonesian), Alastar (Irish), Alessandro, Ale, Alex, Sandro (Italian), Aleksandras (Lithuanian), Aleksandar, Aca, Ace, Aco, Sasho (Macedonian), Sikandar (Pashto), Eskandar (Persian), Aleksander, Olek (Polish), Alexandre, Alex, Xande, Xandinho (Portuguese), Alexandru, Alex, Sandu (Romanian), Aleksandr, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Alasdair, Alastair, Alistair, Alister, Ally, Sawney (Scottish), Aleksandar, Aca, Aco, Saša (Serbian), Aleksander, Aleks, Aleš, Sandi, Saša, Sašo (Slovene), Alejandro, Ale (Spanish), İskender (Turkish), Oleksander, Oleksandr, Olek (Ukrainian), Sikandar (Urdu), Sender (Yiddish), Al, Alec, Alex, Lex, Sandy, Xander, Zander (English), Alex (German), Alex, Lex, Sander, Xander (Dutch), Alex, Sander (Swedish), Alex, Sander (Norwegian), Alex, Sander (Danish), Alex (Icelandic), Sándor, Sanyi (Hungarian), Aleš (Slovak), Albanian – Aleksandër, Aleksandra (feminine), Alesandër, Aesandra (feminine), Aleks, Aleksa (feminine), Aleko, Leks, Lekë, Leka, Sandër, Sandra (feminine), Leandër, Leandra (feminine), Leksandër, Lisandër, Lisandra (feminine), Skender, Skënder, Iskender, Amharic – እስከንደር (Eskender), Arabic – الاسكندر / اسكندر ([al-]Iskandar), Aragonese – Alexandre, Alixandre, Armenian – Ալեքսանդր (Aleksandr/Alexandr), Աղեքսանդր (Agheksandr), Ալեքսան (Aleksan/Alexan), Ալեք (Aleq), Ալիկ (Alik), Asturian – Alexandru, Azerbaijani – İsgəndər (Isgandar), Bashkir – Искәндәр (Iskәndәr), Basque – Alesander, Alesandere (feminine), Alexander, Alexandere (feminine), Belarusian – Аляксандp (Aliaksandr, in normative spelling), Аляксандаp (Alaksandar, in Taraškievica spelling), Алeсь (Aleś), Bengali – Sikandar Alakshendra, Iskandar, Skandar, Alekzandar, Bulgarian – Александър (Aleksandar), Александра (Alexandra feminine), Сандо (Sando), Сашо (Sasho), Aлекс (Aleks), Catalan – Alexandra (feminine), Alexandre, Àlex, Aleix, Sandra (feminine), Xandre, Chinese – 亞歷山大/亚历山大 (Yàlìshāndà), Corsican – Lisandru, Croatian – Aleksandar, Saša, Aco, Aleksandra (feminine), Czech – Alexandr, Aleš, Saša, Danish – Alexander, Alex, Alexandra (feminine), Dutch – Alexander, Alex, Lex, Alexandra (feminine), Sander, Sandra (feminine), Xander, Emiliano-Romagnolo – Lisàndar, English – Alexander, Alec, Alex, Al, Alexis, Alexa (feminine), Alexandria (feminine), Alexandra (feminine), Eck, Lex, Lexxi, Sandra (feminine), Lexy, Lexi, Lexie, Sandy, Sasha, Xander, Xandra (feminine), Zandra (feminine), Zander, Esperanto – Aleksandro, Aleksaĉjo, Aleĉjo, Aĉjo, Alekso, Alko, Alek, Alik, Aleksandra (feminine), Aleksino (feminine), Aleksanjo (feminine), Anjo (feminine), Estonian –Aleksander, Sander, Sandra (feminine), Sass, Aleks, Ethiopian – Eskender, Iskinder, Extremaduran –Alejandru, Faroese – Aleksandur, Aksal, Aksel, Aleks, Sandur, Filipino – Alexander, Alejandro, Alejo, Alex, Sandy, Zandro, Alexandra (feminine), Alessandra (feminine), Finnish – Aleksanteri, Aleksis, Aleksi, Santeri, Santtu, French – Alexandre, Alexis, Alex, Galician – Alexandre, Álex, Georgian – ალექსანდრე (Aleksandre), სანდრო (Sandro), ალეკო (Aleko), ლექსო (Lekso), ალექსანდრა (Aleksandra, feminine), German – Alexander, Alex, Alexandrine (feminine), Alexandra (female), Sascha, Sandro, Sandra (female), Xandi (unisex), Greek – Αλέξανδρος (Aléxandros), Αλέκος (Alekos), Αλεξάνδρα (Alexandra - female), Αλέκα (Aleka), Gujarati – એલેક્ઝાન્ડર (Ēlēkjhānḍara), Hawaiian – Alika, Hebrew – אלכסנדר (Alexander), אלכס (Alex), Hindi – सिकंदर/सिकन्दर Sikandar, अलक्षेन्द्र Alakṣendra, transliterated ऐलेग्ज़ैंडर Ailegzainḍar, Hungarian – Sándor, Sanyi (Sanyika as young child), Icelandic – Alexander, Alex, Alexis, Axel, Alexandra (feminine), Indonesian – Iskandar, Interlingua – Alexandro, Irish (Gaeilge) –Alasandar, Alastar, Alsander, Italian – Alessandro, Ale, Alex, Sandro, Alessio, Aleandro, Alessandra (feminine), Sandra (feminine), Alessia (feminine), Japanese – アレクサンドロス (Arekusandorosu), アレクサンダー (Arekusandā), アレキサンダー (Arekisandā), Javanese – Alexander, Iskandar, Kazakh – Eskendir, Korean – 알렉산드로스 (Alleksandeuroseu), 알렉산더 (Alleksandeo), 알렉산더 (Allegsandeo), Kurdish – Askander, Eskander, Îskenderê, Askanar, Aske, Kyrgyz – Искендер (İskender), Latin – Alexander, Alexandrus, Latvian – Aleksandrs, Sandis, Sandris, Lithuanian – Aleksandras, Aleksas, Sandra (feminine), Lombard – Lisander, Luxembourgish – Alexander, Alexandra (feminine), Macedonian –Александар (Aleksandar), Алек (Alek), Аце (Ace), Ацо (Aco), Сашо (Sašo), Александра (Aleksandra, feminine), Сандра (Sandra, feminine), Сашка (Saška, feminine), Malay – Iskandar, Malayalam – ചാണ്ടി (Chandy), Maltese – Lixandru, Mandarin Chinese – Yalishanda or Alishanda, Manx – Alastar, Alister, Marathi – Alakshendra (अलक्षेन्द्र), Sikandar, अलेक्झांडर (Alēkjhāṇḍara), Mirandese – Alxandre, Mongolian:Александр (Alyeksandr), Nepali: सिकन्दर (Sikandara), Norwegian – Aleksander, Alek, Alexander, Alex, Sander, Alexandra (feminine), Occidental – Alexandro, Occitan – Alexandre, Persian – اسكندر (Eskandar); Middle Persian: Aleksandar, Polish – Aleksander, Alek, Olek, Aleks, Portuguese – Alexandre, Xandre, Alexandra (feminine), Alexandro (rare), Alex, Sandro, Sandra (feminine), Alessandro, Alessandra (feminine), Punjabi: ਸਿਕੰਦਰ (Sikadara), Romanian — Alexandru, Alexandra (feminine), Alex, Alexe, Sandu, Sanda (feminine), Sandra (feminine), Alecu, Aleca (feminine), Lisandru, Sașa, Russian — Александр (Aleksandr), Александра (Aleksandra, feminine), Алик (Alik, male), Аля (Alia, male and feminine), Саша (Sasha), Шурик (Shurik), Саня (Sanya), Sanskrit language – Alakshendra(अलक्षेन्द्र), Aliksundara, Ilukshendra, Scots Gaelic – Alasdair, Alastair, Alistair, Alisdair, Aldair, Ally, Ali, Al, Serbian – Александар (Aleksandar), Алекса (Aleksa), Алекс (Aleks), Алек (Alek), Лексо (Lekso), Саша (Saša), Сале (Sale), Ацa (Aca), Ацо (Aco), Александра (Aleksandra, feminine), Сандра (Sandra, feminine), Сашка (Saška, feminine) or Бранко, Бранило (Branko, Branilo) derived from бранити (from Greek: Αλέξανδρος which means to defend), Sicilian – Alissandru, Sinhala - Ishkander, Old Church Slavonic – Алєѯандръ (Aleksandr, Alexandr), Slovak – Alexander, Slovene – Aleksander, Aleks, Sandi, Sašo, Spanish – Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejo, Álex, Ale, Jandro, Jano, Cano, Lisandro, Sandro, Alejandra (feminine), Lisandra (feminine), Sandra (feminine), Swedish – Alexander, Alex, Alexandra (feminine), Tamil – Aleksandar, அலெக்சாண்டர் (Alekcāṇṭar), Telugu – Alexandaru, అలెగ్జాండర్ (Alegjāṇḍar), Thai – อเล็กซานเดอร์ (Aleksāndə̄[r] (Aleksandar)), อเล็กซานเด (Xlĕksānde), Turkish – İskender, Ukrainian — Олександр (Olexandr, Oleksandr), Олекса (Oleksa, Olexa), Сашко (Sashko), Олесь (Oles'), Лесь (Les'), Urdu – Pakistani – الیگزینڈر, سکندر (Sikandar) or اسكندر (Eskandar), Uzbek – Iskandar, Venetian – Alessandro, Vietnamese – Alêchxăngđrơ, A-Lịch-Sơn, Võro – Aleksandri, Welsh – Alecsander, Alisander, West Frisian – Aleksander, Yiddish – סענדער – Sender, Senderl, אלעקסאנדער (ʼlʻqsʼndʻr), Aleksi, Aleksis (Finnish), Aleix (Catalan), Aleixo (Galician), (Portuguese), Alejo (Spanish), Алексей (Alexei, Alexey, Aleksei, Aleksey), Алексий (Alexiy), Алёша (Alyosha), Лёша (Lyosha) (Russian), Алекси, Aleksi (Bulgarian), ალექსი, Aleksi (Georgian), Aleks (Albanian), Aleksije (Serbian and Croatian), Aleksy (Polish), Aleš (Czech), (Slovene), Alessio (Italian), Alexej (Czech), Alexis (Spanish), (English), (French), Alexios (Greek), Alexius (Latin), Elek (Hungarian), Lex (English), Олексій (Oleksii, Oleksiy) (Ukrainian), Al, Alec, Alexa, Ali, Allie, Ally, Lex, Lexa, Lexi, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Sandy, Xander, Zander, Zandra, Alexina, Alyx, Sandie (English), Lex, Sander, Xander, Xandra (Dutch), Xande, Xandinho (Portuguese), Ale, Sandro (Italian), Sandu (Romanian), Sander (Swedish), Sander (Norwegian), Sander (Danish).

FORBES (Surname) Edit

  • Forbes is a surname of Irish or Scottish origin. The meaning of Forbes is "Prosperous" or "From The Field".
  • Other spellings of Forbes include Forbs, Forba, Forb, Forbe, Forbose, Forbess, Forbeis.

Trivia Edit

  • Caroline's birthday is October 29.
  • Her astrological sign is Scorpio.
  • Caroline has a younger brother named Daniel.
  • Caroline has cat green eyes.
  • Caroline is the tallest female character in the entire series. She is between 6'2" and 6'5".
  • Caroline's counterparts from other LJ Smith series include Audrey Myers (The Forbidden Game), Faye Chamberlain (The Secret Circle), Jezebel "Jez" Redfern (Night World).

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