Earth or Terra or Midgard or Gaea or Nature is the central dimension of all dimensions and realities and is home to the main protagonists of The Vampire Diaries (Novels). Earth centers all the elements and is balanced: the earth is hot, but is balanced by the cold of the polar regions, making it just right for a balanced weather and the human residence of the planet.

In the NovelsEdit

Fell's ChurchEdit

Earth has always been the home of the main and center character of Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert, but it is not where her ancestors originate. Through the balance of the earth, supernatural creatures live in both harmony and discord but in secret from humanity.

Nature is the main balance of this dimension/planet and is assumed to be the creator and originator of all these supernatural and natural beings.

Elena lived on earth knowing only human reality when she met a seductive and handsome and sensual Stefan Salvatore (novel).

Elena learned that he was a vampire and is frightened, but quickly understands what he is and accepts him for reasons that stem beyond her knowledge.

Elena has been through thick and thin on and even out of earth, learning about her Principle Guardian Powers and the secret of her mother's past and how she came to be.

Elena died in Fell's Church - her home town - after an epic confrontation with her doppelganger Katherine (unbeknownst to her at the time, Katherine was her sister) and crossed over to the Other Side where she often entered Bonnie's dreams from.

Elena returned to life on Earth by unknown means being revived by a powerful benevolent force of power.

Elena soon found out about her Power when the Kitsune attacked her home. She had mysteriously gained the Power of telepathy ever since her return to life.

Elena learned to use mysterious Wings Powers, once vanquishing Caroline's demons (later discovered to be the mischievous Kitsune), Redeeming Damon Salvatore's sins and purifying him with her extraordinary wings.

The Kitsune, Shinichi and Misao caused much problems in Fell's Church, mutilating young children and going against the will of the Laws of Nature/Earth [[Malach|when using hell demons to possess the innocent young children.

Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez traveled to the Dark Dimension to find both a Starball (to use in a fight against the Kitsune and an imprisoned Stefan Salvatore.

Elena often used her new powers to communicate with Bonnie telepathically and to talk to Damon and sense nearby danger.

She found Stefan and the team returned to Earth with help from her new powers Elena didn't know where these powers came from, but she soon learned that she was destined to be a Celestial Guardian.

Elena and her friend's town was plagued by the Kitsune to a point where most of the residence left the town in confusion.

Elena, Bonnie, Stefan and Damon returned to the Dark Dimension to find another starball guaranteed to kill the Kitsune.

Elena failed and used her Wings of Destruction after Damon's death. She and her friends then traveled to the Celestial Court, who helped her town by making the Kitsune cease to exist and for the events to be as if they had never come. The Guardians stripped Elena of her Wings Powers and Aura

The Kitsune were defeated and the protagonists returned to earth only to be followed by an emotion controlling Phantom.

The Phantom feeds and grows on the most powerful of the protagonist's emotions, the more it feeds, the stronger the emotions grow and take priority in the feed's life being: Hate or Anger or Jealousy.

They defeated the Phantom by using using positive emotions and letting their dark emotions out by telling each other what they feed the Phantom of Jealousy.

Delcrest CollegeEdit

Bonnie McCullough is a young but powerful Psychic Witch. She lived the earth in fear of the littlest of things such as the dark and tinny sounds in the graveyard.

Bonnie didn't know that the things she saw and heard in the dark were actually either vision from her Celtic Druid and Witch ancestors or possibly from Nature/Mother Earth herself.

Bonnie is skilled in the art of the craft of nature being Witchcraft and Divination.

The story at Delcrest College (the new college that the protagonists are attending) starts with Bonnie on campus and meeting the masculine, handsome, and kind Zander who is very nice to her and who Bonnie finds very attractive and goes over and over again about his clear eyes being "So blue!"

Bonnie meets the guy again and they start a romantic relationship. Bonnie tells Zander that she knows a lot about the Natural Elements and Laws of Nature and Physics, but she does not tell him how or why.

Bonnie soon discovers that Zander is a werewolf and is first very scared. Zander is heartbroken by her fear at him when she tries to use Witchcraft and Nature/Earth's powers to cause harm to his pack.

In tears, Zander tells them to let her go which she runs without hesitation to.

Bonnie soon realizes that what she did was out of line with help from Elena and Meredith and she returns to where she left Zander and the two reconcile their relationship.