In the books are a significant number of families, which can be divided into three classes: Founders, Residents and Foreigners.

Families and MembersEdit

Founding FamiliesEdit

  • Fell Family
    • Thomas Fell
    • Honoria Fell
  • Smallwood Family
    • Jacob Smallwood
    • Grandfather Smallwood
    • Richard Smallwood
    • Carole Smallwood
    • Tyler Smallwood
    • Caleb Smallwood
    • Tyler's Unborn Twin Children (with Caroline Forbes)
  • Forbes Family
    • William Forbes
    • Elizabeth Forbes
    • Caroline Forbes
    • Daniel Forbes
    • Caroline's Unborn Twin Children (with Tyler Smallwood)

Residents FamiliesEdit

  • McCullough Family
    • Granny Lilias MacLaughlan
    • Colin McCullough
    • Ailsa McCullough
    • Mary McCullough
    • Bonnie McCullough
    • Isla McCullough
  • Carson Family

Foreign FamiliesEdit


  • In the books, there is no mention of a council against the supernatural world, however, in the false accusation against Stefan (people the Fell's Church believed that Stefan was a murderer), a group of people, including Mr. Bennett and Mr. Smallwood are present.
  • In the books, the Fell Family is the founder of the town, however, at present, does not appear any of its members and is not mentioned if the family still exists.