Humans are a race of mortal, sentient beings who are members of the species "Homo Sapiens". Humans serve both as a food source as well as a means of pro-creation for vampires, who reproduce by performing a ritual that will transform a human being into an undead immortal. Humans make up for the majority of the earth's population, and are commonly noted for their desire to influence and understand the environment by seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through mythology, philosophy, religion, and science. In The Vampire Diaries novel series, the main protagonist Elena Gilbert was originally human, but was turned into a vampire later on. Elena is later on discovered to have been supernatural all along, being a nephilim (a person who is half angel and half human). Most humans in Fell's Church know about the existance of vampires, however, some do not. Bonnie McCullough, although she's supernatural because she is a psychic or witch, is one of the few main characters to remain human throughout the series along with her best friend Meredith Sulez. Alaric Saltzman is also a human.

Abilities Edit

The primary abilities of every human being include adaptability and versatility. For the most part, humans are outmatched by supernatural beings and are most often defeated whenever confronted by a superior creature. However, some humans have been known to utilize tools and weapons and have managed to succeed in a supernatural combat. Therefore, as a means of survival, most humans must rely on intelligence, research and teamwork in order to prevail. Due to the fact that humans are commonly noted for their tendency to fear the unknown, many of the humans who are aware of the supernatural have built societies that are dedicated to hunting and killing all supernatural beings, especially vampires. Generally, these hunters use advanced knowledge of folklore to hunt, identify and murder any and all threats to humanity. They are able to modify conventional human weaponry such as guns and knives to repel and/or kill supernatural beings that are often more powerful than they are. Humans who are born with magical powers and practice magic or witchcraft are known as witches. While most witches are known to channel their power from the forces of nature, some witches have been known draw their power from other sources. Witches who have great command over magic have proven to match, or can overpower other supernatural beings, such as vampires, for example.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Mortality: Humans have weaknesses, (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc).
  • Blood Loss: If a human is severely wounded and bleeds out they can die.
  • Broken Neck: Breaking a human's neck will result in instant death.
  • Decapitation: Decapitation will result in instant death for a human.
  • Fire: Fire can kill a human. It can also hurt them.
  • Heart Extraction: Ripping a human's heart out will result in instant death.
  • Magic: Humans are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft, which includes both spells and certain magically empowered objects.


  • Most of the main characters in the series are not humans: Elena was turned into vampire and was later discovered bd the a supernatural being (a nephilim; someone who is half angel and half human), Stefan is a vampire, Damon is a vampire, Caroline became a werewolf, Tyler is a werewolf, and although Bonnie is technically still classifies as a human, she is more of a supernatural human since she is a psychic witch.
  • Matt Honeycutt is one of the only main characters to remain human and not supernatural in any way.
  • Meredith Sulez is also completely human as well along with Matt.
  • Humans can consume vampire blood, which will heal them and make them stronger and more energetic.
  • Humans can perform magic spells.
  • Humans can be turned into vampires.
  • The human race is the oldest species known to man, alongside witches and possibly werewolves.
  • Humans can give birth to werewolves, witches, psychics, nephilims, hybrids, cambions, etc.
  • The human race is the most fragile species in the series as they can die from many weaknesses such as age, disease, and many other natural causes.
  • Fell's Church, the town in which the series takes place in, is supernaturally charged which attracts vampires, werewolves, witches and many more supernatural characters, which is the main reason why most of the characters are not human.