Mademoiselle or “Mlle” Princess Jessalyn D'Aubigne is a vampiress in the in the Vampire Diaries series who was turned by the vampire Sage who was assumedly her passionate lover. Not much is known about her except that she is as vampire and was presumably Sage’s lover (as the only way for a vampire to turn in the book series is for them to share blood repeatedly – which is an intimate gesture as it has been claimed to be more sacred and pleasurable than sex for vampires and human souls – so their relationship could be a romantic and passionate or she may have been his blood bag human, whom he snacked on from time to time) or his “snack”, but it’s more likely the earlier than the later.

Jessalyn is notable for being seduced by Damon Salvatore and restoring his vampirism.

The Vampire Diaries: The Return: MidnightEdit

Jessalyn D’Aubigne doesn’t make many appearances in the novels. After Damon Salvatore is cured of his immortality and vampirism, he opens a portal to the Dark Dimension in order to find a powerful vampire of royal and/or strong vampiric bloodline. Damon finds Jessalyn and he tricks her into believing he is an insane human who is in love with her. Jessalyn opens up to him about her high life, she tells him that she wants color in her room, but that the servants – given her by Sage after being turned – refuse. She also tells him she’s lonely.

Damon buys her colored furniture and decorates her room, making Jessalyn fall in love with him and then they “share blood” and she turns him into a vampire. Once turned, Damon kept her knocked her out and abandoned her, that was the last time Jessalyn was physically featured.

She is later mentioned when Damon is talking to Stefan about his retransition into vampirism.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jessalyn is described to be very beautiful – as all vampires are after the transition – with green eyes and scarlet hair. Damon has described her looking a like Bonnie

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a vampire, Jessalyn gained new powers and her blood is unique, as it comes from Sage, who is both vampire and angel/guardian by unknown means, making her very powerful and possibly part angel, but dominated by her vampiric specie.

Jessalyn’s vampire abilities vary and get stronger over time:

Super Strength: As a vampire, Jessalyn has enhanced and altered strength, and even though she has the appearance of an eighteen year old girl, she is much stronger and after turning into a vampire, she has gained the strength to withstand great foes, i.e. she would be able to hold her own against a werewolf like Tyler Smallwood or Zander and is strong enough to break walls with a bare fist and lift a fully armed tank without much difficulty, making her very dangerous.

Super Speed:  Jessalyn has the supernatural ability to jump, move and run at superhuman velocity.

Enhanced Senses: Jessalyn has the enhanced senses of taste, auditory, touch, sight and smell, making good food great. High-pitched sounds become extreme sounds. Things seen are sharper: beautiful things are more beautiful, bright things are blinding. Things smelled and heard can be done so from an exceptional distance. The sense of touch is also enhanced and is so enhanced that sex is on a level of its own in the form of blood sharing or physical sex.

Telepathy: Jessalyn has telepathic powers which can do a variety of effects such as:

Illusions: The power to cast fake but lifelike illusions that can mislead people.

Telepathic communication: The power to talk to someone who is also a telepath on the mental level rather than physically and verbally.

Psychic Torture: The ability to project pain in another’s body through the mind.

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