Judith Maxwell (née Gilbert), was the aunt of main character Elena Gilbert and her younger sister, Margaret, and sister of their father, Thomas. She stepped in to raise them after her brother and sister-in-law's deaths in a car accident on Wickery Bridge. She was engaged to Robert Maxwell, whom she later married.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Judith is described by Elena as a woman who always looked vaguely flustered. Judith has a thin, mild face and light flyway hair.

Early LifeEdit

Judith was born into the Gilbert family at an unknown time. She had at least one brother: Thomas. She could be strict and anxious sometimes, but was caring and responsible. Judith met a man name Robert Maxwell at some point, and affectionately called him "Bob". He proposed to her, and she accepted his request.

Moving to Fell's ChurchEdit

After her brother died, Judith arrived in Fell's Church and took full custody of his daughters, Elena and Margaret Gilbert. She attended her brother and sister-in-law's funeral wearing a black dress.

The AwakeningEdit

The StruggleEdit

The FuryEdit

Dark ReunionEdit

Judith is only seen at the Graduation Ceremony. Bonnie consoles her over Elena's death.

The Vampire DiariesEdit

In the TV series Aunt Judith's character is replaced with the character Jenna Sommers. (Played by Sara Canning ) she is neither married nor engaged. She was Alaric Saltzman's girlfriend, Jeremy and Elena's Aunt, but during the season finale of season two, she was killed by Klaus because of the sarifice which used to lock Klaus's werewolf side.


  • In the 1996 game, Judith Maxwell (Known as Jenna Sommers in TV series) appears with Margaret.
  • Judith is in several senses the opposite of Jenna Sommers.
    • Judith is middle-aged and usually more overprotective. Jenna is young, and is often more aware of the problems of her nephews.
    • Judith wants to Damon to be the boyfriend of Elena. Jenna wants to Stefan to be the boyfriend of Elena.