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The Return: Shadow Souls
Author L.J Smith
Publication date 1992
Published by HarperTeen
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Damon, with Elena and Matt, allows Stefan into the dark demension to set him free from the prision he has been tricked into. When Matt sees Elena and Damon getting too close, he turns back and sends Bonnie and Meredith to inform Elena about what is happening back home. Bonnie and Meredith join Elena as all three are inforced to enter as the property of Damon. Elena and Damon exchange blood many times throughout this book and grow closer and sharing a few passionate kisses. Stefan is imprisioned, and only Elena can set him free by finding the hidden halves of the kitsune key to his cell. Back home, Matt is hiding from the law and trying to fight the evil kitsune who are destroying their community. He enlists the help of the local doctor and her nephew, the boarding house owner, and Isobel's grandmother, who was once a priestess, to keep their home together. Elena and Damon go to Stefan's prision to set him free. Elena then feeds him her blood. As they leave, a good kitsune gives Elena a bouquet for Stefan. Damon's curiosity gets the better of him, and the flowr turns him human with one smell. Stefan and Damon wish they could switch places with one another: Stefan as a human and Damon as a vampire.