Werewolves are a supernatural species of humans that can shapeshift into "wolf" like creature, or wolf during full moon. Their species is officially introduced in Dark Reunion when Tyler Smallwood shapeshifts into a werewolf and attacks Meredith Sulez and Matt Honeycutt.


The origin of the werewolf race remains a mystery, but it turns out that the cavemen (so between 4500 - 2000 BC) possessed naturally the werewolf gene, and their descendants will inherit the gene. In 1210, there are traces of their existence through the research of a certain Gervase of Tilbury that document a story in his book. In our times there are many communities of werewolves, are social animals but which keep secret their true identify, and related to important social positions and among the various societies of the Moose, Bears and Lions Club, everything to spy the only creatures who fear: humans. A case is the town of Ridgemont. Seems that there is a High Wolf Council that has the task of investigating the supernatural events that occur in the area, to fight against the evil (just like the Vitale Society) and to protect their own kind.

How To Become A WerewolfEdit

There are a few different ways to become a werewolf:

  • Be born to parents with werewolf gene: If someone is bitten by a werewolf the gene then passed down through the bloodline of the infected person, though the children themselves are not werewolves. They can, however, awaken the dormancy of their true nature by drinking fresh blood or killing somebody, but the transformation is not instantaneous, in fact, it happens during their first full moon.
  • Be bitten by a werewolf: Werewolves can turn humans by transmitting their saliva in a blood wound which is achieved through bites. If the human survived the attack at the next full moon he transformed into a werewolf too.
  • Be impregnated by a werewolf: If a women becomes pregnant with werewolf children, she inherit their typical traits and, at the end, become a true werewolf. The transformation is faster then those that are bitten. It is more common for someone to be turned by being bitten or impregnanted by another werewolf who inherit the gene and awakening (since the ritual to do is secret and only few are aware).


Physical and Psychological TraitsEdit

The emotions of a werewolf are far different than the emotions of humans' or vampires'. Anger, lust, stress, hate, etc., all of those emotions blend into one final hunger. This explains why new fledged werewolves are either totally feral or purely psychopathic. According to some who are familiar with werewolves, after one becomes a werewolf, they will have a single choice to make: to go all wolf all the time (psychologically) or to retain their humanity. This confirms that werewolves hate both humans and vampires (who once were humans). During the first changes, a werewolf appears half-human, half-wolf beast. While maintaining the ability to speak, their appearance is nothing of a human. The face goes into a different form including yellow eyes, the pupils reduced to two slits, the hair doesn't extend to the cheeks and the neck becomes like a fur coat, the nails become claws. While remaining in an upright position, the body is curved and appears to be unusually deformed. During the subsequent transformations, they assume a more animalistic form until they fully transform into the form of a wolf. Be considered apart, are those who are descended from cavemen who first possessed, naturally, the werewolf gene know as the Original Werewolf. It appears that these individuals or types of werewolves have the power, once awakened to their heritage, to stop processing during the full moon, and if skilled enough, to transform at will without it.


Werewolves are predatory creatures that hunt and feed off of human or animal flesh. However, they tend to flee after killing their victims before they have a true chance to fully devour their prey.


There is an existence of a cure for lycanthropy, which is documented in the book of Gervase of Tilbury. If a werewolf is deprived of one of his limbs (meaning having one of his limbs including a leg or an arm, amputated), he will recover to his human form and will be cured completely of lycanthropy.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Senses - They have heightened, animalistic senses which allows them to hear, see, and smell better than that of regular humans.
  • Shapeshifting - Werewolves are able to shapeshift from their human forms, to a half human, half wolf beast form at will. It is implied that werewolves are able to transform into "real" wolves as well.
  • Superhuman Speed - Werewolves are very fast and they move with animal-like quickness and speed in both their human and wolf forms.
  • Superhuman Strength - Werewolves are a strong breed; they can easily overpower and tear adult humans and animals to pieces.
  • Alpha Voice - The voice of an alpha werewolf has the ability to force the transformation of other werewolves against their will.


  • Decapitation: The act of dismembering or removing the head of a werewolf will result in instant death.
  • Fire: Fire can and will most likely kill a werewolf if the flames are not doused quickly.
  • Heart Extraction: The act of removing a werewolf's heart will result in a quick, instantly fast death.
  • Silver: If a werewolf is wounded by silver, it will cause the werewolf to become weak and wounded. However, if a silver knife or bullet penetrates a werewolf's heart, it will result in instant death.

Tree WerewolfEdit

                                   The Original Pack
                                           |------ High Wolf Council
   |       |       |       |        |      |       |        |      |      |      |
Tristan  Marcus  Jonah   Camden    Shay  Zander Spencer  Enrique Jared  Daniel Chad

                                     Mystical Virus
                       |                   |                   |
                Thomas Holloway    Jacob Smallwood  Raimbaud di Auvergne
                                 |                   |
                          Tyler Smallwood     Caleb Smallwood
        |               |               |               |
   Sue Carson    Caroline Forbes  Luke Smallwood Brianne Smallwood

Known WerewolvesEdit

  • Zander - (Original Werewolf, Untriggered, alive)
  • Tristan - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Marcus - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Jonah - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Camden - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Spencer - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Enrique - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Jared - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Daniel - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Chad - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, deceased)
  • Shay - (Original Werewolf, Unknown, alive)
  • Jacob Smallwood - (Bitten, deceased)
  • High Wolf Council's Members (Unknown, alive)
  • Tyler Smallwood - (Triggered gene, alive)
  • Caroline Forbes - (Turned, alive)
  • Brianne Smallwood - (Untriggered, alive)
  • Luke Smallwood - (Untriggered, alive)
  • Caroline's children - (Half-werewolf)
  • Caleb Smallwood - (presumably a descendant of a werewolf, but can also use witchcraft)
  • Sue Carson - (Triggered gene, alive)
  • Raimbaud di Auvergne - (Unknown, curate, deceased)
  • Thomas Holloway - (Unknown, alive)